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AN entrepreneur who moved to Nuneaton from London 18 months ago is embarking on a new career caring for local pets.

Vicky Homes moved in to the new Saxon Heights development at the end of 2015 and is cementing herself in the community by setting up her own business. The 44-year-old, who has a background in retail management and home-based businesses. Since moving out of the family home she has always had pets around her, as well as looking after friends pets when on holiday.

Now she is combining her love for animals and her entrepreneurial spirit by starting a new business, Pet Sitting Nuneaton.

Vicky Homes


“I have always had animals in my life,” explains Vicky. “We had cats, dogs and hamsters when I was growing up and I’ve always had cats, at least two to keep each other company, since I moved out of home – to me life would be very boring without having my pets around.”

Vicky shares her new, increased space with 12-year-old Honey and 10-year-old Ella. The two very vocal cats were indoor cats in her London ground-floor flat. Now they spend their days rotating their sleeping areas, with an extra floor and three window sills to choose between. Downstairs seems to be Ella’s choice, gazing out of the patio windows on to the garden between naps.

Speaking about her move to Nuneaton, Vicky said

“I really wanted the extra space and a garden for all of us to enjoy together. It was lovely seeing them venturing out into the garden for the first time, and was exactly the reaction I’d wanted. Although they now have the opportunity, they aren’t ones for the great outdoors and both prefer staying in. It’s so lovely to have this space and look out on wonderful views of fields and woods”.

Vicky will be offering a range of services to Nuneaton’s pet owners including, puppy and kitten sitting, dog walking and doggy day care, a taxi service for vet appointments as well as small animal boarding for up to four animals at her home. She has a valid DBS check and is animal first aid trained, she also has plenty of experience looking after and giving medicine to sickly animals as Ella has to have daily medication for a recently diagnosed heart condition.

“I’m a real people and animal person, I get on with everyone and I’m really excited about my new career,” Vicky added. “I never realised that pet sitting could be a job and now I’m going to be spending the rest of my life, doing what I love, caring for animals and supporting their owners.”